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Paintings - Representational Portraiture

The “One Eye Tulips” series started as “being seen and not heard” with a sense of inversion. Lips are closed and the eye speaks volumes. Lips are ready to spill with a mouth full of exquisite unreleased words. The emotions are outside the body instead of inside.


The "Transcendence" series incorporates pigments and water forming as the emotional background.

 The majority of the patterns and textures are dominated by the water. Water is an important medium of life. It is used in baptisms as a rebirth of the spirit of almost every faith. It is used to heighten the senses into a level of transcending to the next level of being. My utilization of water is to enhance the spiritual element by letting it flow freely throughout the painting. This makes each painting's emotional background content unique like each individual I create. Once it is dried, then I am able to visualize the human image that will emerge from the patterns and colors.

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