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Indigo Seven Series

The Indigo Seven metalpoint series by D. Lammie-Hanson combines indigo, metallic materials, and lighting to create delicate subjects with emotional significance. The technique used is metalpoint, in which 24K gold, brass, and copper are drawn over indigo blue surfaces. The series explores our emotional connections to people, places, and things.


By D. Lammie-Hanson

3 ft x 6 ft  (36 in x 72 in) / (91.44 cm x 182.88 cm)

14K Gold with 24K Gold on Matte blue prepared surface


Artist - D. Lammie-Hanson with a guest and with the curator and gallerist Valerie Francis of Knowhere Art Gallery, Oak Bluffs, MA

explaining the process of the creation of "Exhilaration"

Now featured in "A Common Thread That Binds Us," a show within the "Personal Structures" exhibit at the Venice Biennale. Visit Palazzo Bembo in Venice, Italy, to experience it from now until November 24, 2024.

"Exhilaration" is a captivating artwork by contemporary metalpoint artist D. Lammie-Hanson that captures the moment of sheer joy and tranquility. The piece is drawn with 14K gold wire and 24K gold plate on an indigo blue surface, creating a shimmering and dynamic effect.

The image depicts a woman floating in water just below the surface, captured in a moment of inertia. The water is drawn in brass wire, adding texture and movement to the piece, while the woman is rendered in 24K gold plate, adding a sense of elegance and refinement.

Measuring 72 inches wide by 36 inches tall, "Exhilaration" is a large-scale artwork that is part of the artist's Indigo Seven series. The six wood panels used to create the piece add to its visual impact and depth.

For more info: Please visit Knowhere Art Gallery

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