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Dared to Be Black and Shining 4web2.jpg


Dared to Be Black and Shining (2023)

By D. Lammie-Hanson

8 ft x 12 ft (96 in x 144 in ) / (243.84 cm x 365.76 cm)

Silver, Graphite on Extreme Matte Black prepared wood panel

6 Panels

Chicago-based artist D. Lammie-Hanson dedicated  8 months (May, 2022 to January, 2023) creating one of the world's largest silverpoints, an 8 ft x 12 ft artwork detailing a moment in Black life in Harlem, New York. The piece, which will be unveiled at the Chicago Art Department in January 2023, is inspired by Lammie-Hanson's memories of her childhood in Harlem and is intended to share those memories with childlike wonder. Lammie-Hanson is one of the inaugural artists of the Artist Residency Program at Little Black Pearl Art and Design Center in Chicago and is known for using silverpoint, a technique that involves thin pieces of wire to create silver deposits on a prepared surface, to create finely rendered, sensitive portraits that reflect light and illuminate. Lammie-Hanson's surfaces are covered with an extreme matte black acrylic to represent the base color for Black skin and the tenement buildings and storefronts in her artwork contribute to the narrative of Black life.

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"First Hair Cut at Mr. George's" is a contemporary silverpoint piece by D. Lammie-Hanson. It depicts a 3.5 year old boy getting his first haircut at a neighborhood barbershop in Harlem, New York City. This 4 ft x 4 ft piece is a prototype for the larger project, "Dared to be Black and Shining". It captures the joy and excitement of a child's first trip to the barbershop, and the strong sense of community and tradition found in black barbershops.

Dared to Be Black and Shining 4web2.jpg
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