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Indigo Seven Series

The Indigo Seven metalpoint series by D. Lammie-Hanson combines indigo, metallic materials, and lighting to create delicate subjects with emotional significance. The technique used is metalpoint, in which 24K gold, brass, and copper are drawn over indigo blue surfaces. The series explores our emotional connections to people, places, and things. The first of the  Indigo Seven series is called "Exhilaration". You can click here for more info. "Gilded Agility" will also feature poetry and music created for this exhibit through a QR code and in the description of some of the links of the artwork that are on this webpage

Gilded Agility

June 28 -Sept. 22, 2024

international Museum of Surgical Science
1524 Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, Il 60610

Please click play to listen to the audio of the text.

The exhibition of metalpoint drawings, particularly the group of works titled “Gilded Agility” from the Indigo Seven Series, at the International Museum of Surgical Science represents a unique convergence of art and medical science. These intricate works of art, created by D. Lammie-Hanson, utilize the rare and meticulous technique of metalpoint to capture the exquisite details of human musculature, particularly that of dancers.

The correlation between these drawings and the mission of the International Museum of Surgical Science lies in the shared focus on the human body’s anatomy and function. The museum, dedicated to the history and advancement of surgical science, provides a fitting backdrop for showcasing artwork that meticulously examines and celebrates the human form.

Through metalpoint, an ancient technique known for its precision and permanence, Lammie-Hanson’s drawings highlight the intricate musculature of dancers, echoing the detailed anatomical studies that have long been a cornerstone of surgical education and practice. This method allows for an unparalleled level of detail and subtlety, which is crucial for both artistic expression and scientific understanding.

These artworks, especially the “Gilded Agility” series, serve not only as visual marvels but also as educational tools, bridging the gap between artistic interpretation and anatomical accuracy. By presenting these drawings at the museum, visitors are offered a unique opportunity to appreciate the beauty and complexity of the human body through both an artistic and scientific lens. This exhibition underscores the profound connection between the study of anatomy in medical science and its representation in fine art, celebrating the shared goal of deepening our understanding of the human form.

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